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Increasing Productivity in the Print Shop: The Importance of Maintenance on Guillotine Paper Cutters

In today's competitive print industry, maximizing productivity is key to maintaining a thriving business. One essential aspect of productivity that is often overlooked is the regular maintenance of guillotine paper cutters. In this article, we will explore the daily and weekly operator maintenance activities that can significantly enhance the performance and lifespan of your equipment, ultimately increasing productivity in your print operations. Furthermore, we will shed light on how partnering with Cape Equipment & Services can add value to your business by managing a comprehensive maintenance program for your cutters.

Safety First

Follow proper safety precautions when inspecting and adjusting your paper cutter. Only qualified and trained personnel should undertake these maintenance activities.

Daily Operator Maintenance Activities

Clearing Debris

Start each day by thoroughly cleaning the cutter's work area. Remove all paper scraps, dust, and debris to ensure smooth operation and prevent any potential damage.

Blade Inspection

Examine the cutting blade for signs of wear or damage. Take note of quality of the cut, as clean and precise cuts indicate a sharp blade that is properly aligned. If necessary, follow the manufacturer's instructions to adjust or replace the blade.

Cut Stick Inspection

Inspect the cut stick visually and by touch for excessive or uneven wear. Uneven wear can be a result of improper blade alignment to the cut stick. If the cut stick is worn with a deep groove, turn it to another side to ensure a clean, crisp cut.

Safety Check

Ensure all safety features, including blade guards and emergency stops, are in perfect working condition. Before starting work, test these features to guarantee the safety of personnel.

Weekly Maintenance Activities

Alignment Adjustment

Check the alignment of the paper cutter regularly to ensure accurate cutting. Misalignment can lead to irregular cuts, causing reprints and ultimately loss of profit. Make any necessary adjustments based on the manufacturer's instructions.

Check Calibration

Periodically check cut accuracy by verifying cut lengths with a line gauge or ruler. If your cutter has an operator accessible accuracy adjustment feature, follow the manufacturer's guidelines to fine-tune the machine's settings. Otherwise, contact your service provider and request they recalibrate the cutter for you.

Service Tech Maintenance Activities

Coordinate with your factory-trained service provider to schedule regularly occurring periodic maintenance visits that should include the following activities:

  • Safety Feature Inspections

  • Blade Change & Sharpening

  • Accuracy & Square-Cut Check/Adjustment

  • Internal Cleaning

  • Belt & Chain Inspections

  • Frame & Level Inspection

  • Lubrication

  • Hydraulic Oil Change

  • Ensure Proper Operation

Regular maintenance of guillotine paper cutters is crucial for optimizing their performance and ensuring the longevity of these critical assets. By implementing daily and weekly operator maintenance activities, print shop owners can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and maintain the precision needed for high-quality output. However, managing maintenance programs can be time-consuming and demanding.

This is where Cape Equipment & Services, a trusted equipment and service provider based in Texas, can help. By partnering with Cape, production managers can offload the responsibility of maintenance onto experienced professionals. Our team of experts will tailor a comprehensive maintenance program for your cutters, ensuring their optimal performance, productivity, and safety. Our prompt response and industry-leading knowledge add significant value to your print shop, allowing you to focus on core business tasks while maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment.

Call 877.460.1212 or email to learn more about our Periodic Maintenance packages today!

Always Trust Your Cape!

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