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    Spiel Sterling Wiremaster Semi

    Step into the future of wire binding with the Spiel Sterling Wiremaster Semi. This semi-automatic double loop wire binder is designed to streamline your binding process, delivering professional results at a brisk pace. With its quick changeover time and automatic delivery to the closing station, it's a game-changer for businesses looking to bring their wire binding in-house. Whether you're producing calendars, reports, or brochures, the Wiremaster Semi is your ticket to high-quality, efficient wire binding.



    Key Features


    • High-Speed Binding: The machine can bind books at a pace of 1,200 per hour.
    • Quick Changeover: It changes over in about five minutes, saving you valuable time.
    • Automatic Delivery: The operator hangs the book on the wire and the machine delivers it to the closing station and then to the delivery conveyor.
    • Skip Binding Capability: It can bind up to five skips, providing flexibility in your binding projects.
    • Additional Features: An automatic calendar hanger feeder and a near line infeed conveyor are available, enhancing its functionality.



      Coming soon.
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