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    Spiel Sterling Digibinder Plus

    Introducing the Spiel Sterling Digibinder Plus, a fully automated perfect binder that has set a new standard for on-demand perfect binding equipment. This machine is completely self-adjusting, with the pneumatic clamp and nipper adjusting automatically. It can bind a thin book, then a thick book, without any adjustments whatsoever. The Digibinder Plus includes a stand on casters, as well as a safety cover which will stop the operation of the machine when lifted. More importantly, it includes a vacuum waste removal system, which allows for the use of even heavier duty notching pins, which prepare the spine for gluing.



    Key Features


    • Fully Automated: The machine is completely self-adjusting with automatic setup.
    • Versatility: Can bind two sheets to two inches thick.
    • Safety Cover: Includes a safety cover which disables the machine when in the open position.
    • Vacuum Waste Removal System: Facilitates the ability to rough and notch deeper to maximize the strength of the book.
    • Heavier Duty Notching Pins: Designed to grind deeper into the spine to facilitate the binding of problem stocks.



      Coming soon.
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