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    Spiel Rilecart R-422

    Introducing the Spiel Rilecart R-422, a semi-automatic double loop wire binder that is designed to bind books faster than any other machine in its class. With a lightning-fast cycle speed, it allows an operator to bind up to 1,500 double loop wire books per hour. The R-422 is especially productive on thick books and will bind wire-o books with diameters of 5/16? up to 1?. The machine cycles instantaneously, making it an efficient and time-saving solution for your binding needs.



    Key Features


    • Semi-Automatic Operation: The machine automatically feeds one piece of wire at a time onto the pins for hanging.
    • High Speed: Capable of binding up to 1,500 books per hour.
    • Versatility: Can bind wire-o books with diameters of 5/16? up to 1?.
    • Efficiency: Especially productive on thick books.
    • Safety Feature: Equipped with a patented device which turns in the end of the twin loop wire to prevent anyone from getting scratched.



      Coming soon.
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