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    Spiel Ferrari Adventure

    Experience the power of precision and speed with the Spiel Ferrari Adventure. This PUR perfect binding machine is designed to streamline your binding process, delivering professional results at a brisk pace. With its color touch screen and automatic book thickness gauge, it's perfect for binding a wide range of book thicknesses. The milling blade is specifically designed for PUR binding and is adjustable, ensuring a perfect cut every time. Whether you're producing books, reports, or presentations, the Ferrari Adventure is your ticket to high-quality, efficient binding.



    Key Features


    • Fully Automated: The machine is completely self-adjusting, requiring no manual adjustments.
    • Versatile Binding: It can bind a thin book, then a thick book, without any adjustments whatsoever. Bind books up to 2" (50mm) thick.
    • Unique Milling Blade: The unique milling blade is specifically designed for PUR binding and is adjustable from 0 – 5/64" (2 mm).
    • Even Glue Application: The glue (PUR or EVA) is applied by a nozzle connected to a pressurized tank with separate nozzles for side gluing.
    • High-Speed Binding: Bind books at speeds of up to 400 books per hour.



      Coming soon.
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