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    Renz TC 20

    Discover the Renz TC 20, a reliable, desktop, hand thumb cut calendar punch machine. This compact machine is designed to manually punch 20mm calendar thumb cuts, allowing a calendar hanger to be used in the binding. It's perfect for quick adjustments up to A3 on the short edge and features horizontal paper feeding. The TC 20 is a simple yet effective solution for all your calendar punching needs.



    Key Features


    • Compact Design: The TC 20 is a desktop machine with a simple design.
    • Manual Operation: Manually punch 20mm calendar thumb cuts.
    • Quick Adjustment: Allows quick adjustment up to A3 on the short edge.
    • Horizontal Paper Feeding: Ensures accurate punching.
    • High Output: Capable of punching up to 8,000 sheets per hour.
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