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Renz SC-Pliers
  • Renz SC-Pliers

Renz SC-Pliers

Experience the precision and convenience of the Renz SC-Pliers. These premium spiral coil binding pliers are designed to perfectly cut and crimp wire spirals and plastic coils. With their high-quality steel construction and cushioned handles, they ensure a comfortable and efficient operation. Whether you're dealing with wire spirals or plastic coils, the Renz SC-Pliers ensure a seamless and high-quality finish every time.



Key Features


  • Versatile Use: The Renz SC-Pliers can perfectly cut and crimp wire spirals and plastic coils.
  • High-Quality Steel Construction: These pliers are made of high-quality steel, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Cushioned Handles: The cushioned handles ensure that they fit comfortably in your hand while you are using them.
  • Prevents Coil Spin: These pliers are designed to cut and crimp the ends of your spiral coil elements to prevent the coils from spinning back off the edge of your book after your documents are bound.
  • Professional Grade: The Renz SC-Pliers are professional grade, designed for heavy and multiple use.
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