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Renz Autobind 500 HS Binding Machine
  • Renz Autobind 500 HS Binding Machine

Renz Autobind 500 HS Binding Machine

Experience the efficiency and high performance of the Renz Autobind 500 HS Binding Machine. This semi-automatic ring wire binding machine is designed for industrial, high-speed production of books, calendars, and skip binding. With its touch screen assisted setup process and horizontal paper feeding for easy product loading, it offers high productivity and flexibility of different paper formats. The Autobind 500 HS is designed for heavy-duty and continuous operation, ensuring your binding needs are met with precision and speed.



Key Features


  • High-Speed Production: The Autobind 500 HS can achieve maximum bound products per hour of 1,600, offering high productivity.
  • Versatile Binding: This machine can bind up to 230 sheets and accommodates different paper formats.
  • Touch Screen Control: The operator-friendly touch screen control allows for quick and easy format changes.
  • Automatic Binding Table: The automatic binding table clamps the media and holds the blocks in place during binding. It then ejects the book or calendar blocks automatically.
  • Optional Extras: The machine can be equipped with optional extras such as KAS calendar hanger systems and side lay to allow oversized products to be bound.
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