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    Renz Autobind 500 Binding Machine

    Step into the world of efficient binding with the Renz Autobind 500 Binding Machine. This semi-automatic ring wire binding machine is designed to handle a variety of materials, from paper and board to plastic, with ease and accuracy. Whether you're producing books, calendars, or other punched articles, the Autobind 500 ensures a flawless finish every time. With its user-friendly design and low-maintenance operation, it's an invaluable addition to any print shop or office.



    Key Features


    • Semi-Automatic Operation: The Autobind 500 is a semi-automatic ring wire binding machine for books, calendars and skip binding.
    • High Productivity: It offers high productivity and flexibility of different paper formats.
    • Touch Screen Assisted Setup: The machine features a touch screen assisted setup process for easy operation.
    • High Capacity Binding: It can bind up to 230 sheets, making it suitable for a variety of document sizes.
    • Easy Product Loading: The Autobind 500 features horizontal paper feeding for easy product loading.
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