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Plockmatic Morgana SC6000 Digital Die Cutter
  • Plockmatic Morgana SC6000 Digital Die Cutter

Plockmatic Morgana SC6000 Digital Die Cutter

Are you seeking a revolutionary solution for your cutting and creasing needs? The Morgana SC6000 Digital Die Cutter is the answer. This automated cutter blends flatbed and sheet fed technologies, providing a high-capacity device for complete unattended cutting production. It combines ultra-reliable feeding with an instant job retrieval system and flawless high-speed cutting and creasing. The SC6000 is perfect for digitally die-cutting packaging, P.O.S., lightweight card projects, and even kiss-cutting sheet labels. Its compact free-standing design makes it easily accommodated in any print shop.



Key Features


  • Dual Tool Cutting and Creasing: The digital cutting head can apply up to 750g of force, individually for both the cutting and creasing tools.
  • High-Speed Performance: Can operate at speeds of up to 960mm per second.
  • Versatile Media Handling: Capable of performing on media up to 350 microns.
  • Automated Functionality: Designed to run unattended, cutting and creasing almost any printed promotional item, to absolutely any shape.
  • Instant Job Retrieval System: When creating jobs, an auto assigned QR code is applied to each design, while auto-saving the cutting file to the ColorCut Pro Job Library.
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