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Plockmatic Morgana LC600
  • Plockmatic Morgana LC600
  • Plockmatic Morgana LC600

Plockmatic Morgana LC600

Experience the future of label production with the Intec LC600. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to provide automatic sheet label cutting for digital print production users, with no dies or setup costs. Targeted for busy print departments seeking complete unattended cutting production, the LC600 combines reliable label-sheet feeding with an instant job retrieval system. This enables effortless, yet precise, kiss cut label cutting at lightning-fast speeds. The LC600 comes on a purpose-built stand with height-adjustable feet, which presents the cutter at the perfect working height.



Key Features


  • Automated Unattended Feeding: The LC600 offers automated unattended feeding for ultra-fast label production.
  • Instant Job Retrieval System: It features an instant job retrieval system for seamless and uninterrupted workflow.
  • QR Code Job Recognition: The LC600 can read and instantly retrieve the associated cut file for every sheet design on the fly.
  • SmartMark Registration: Ensures superb accuracy in cutting.
  • Flexible Sheet Sizes: It is suitable for standard A4-SRA-3, A3+, and custom sheet sizes with a maximum cutting length of 750mm.
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