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Plockmatic Morgana AutoCreaser Pro XL Creaser
  • Plockmatic Morgana AutoCreaser Pro XL Creaser

Plockmatic Morgana AutoCreaser Pro XL Creaser

The Morgana AutoCreaser Pro XL is an easy to use automatic paper creasing system with a cost-efficient vacuum top feeder. The unique creasing rule in the AutoCreaser Pro XL eliminates paper tearing and cracking, ensuring a perfect fold every time. Running at a maximum of 8,500 A4 sheets per hour, with no loss of accuracy, this is Morgana's most productive creaser to date. The new AutoCreaser Pro XL takes a sheet size of 385mm/15" x 1300mm/51" with the table extension, which comes as standard with this new paper creasing system. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.



Key Features


  • High Capacity: The Morgana AutoCreaser Pro XL has an outstanding load capacity of 200mm/7.8" and can feed stock up to 1300mm/51" long and 385mm/15" wide.
  • Adaptive Feed Settings: The AutoCreaser Pro XL is equipped with new highly automated vacuum feed technology, specifically designed to handle the widest range of media.
  • Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detection: This feature ensures that only one sheet is fed at a time, preventing jams and misfeeds.
  • Powerful Creasing Unit: The creasing unit can accept standard and narrow creasing blades as well as optional cross perforation blades.
  • Optional Second Creaser: An optional second creaser enables up/down creasing in one pass, further increasing productivity and efficiency.
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