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MBM IM 8500 Pressure Sealer
  • MBM IM 8500 Pressure Sealer

MBM IM 8500 Pressure Sealer

The MBM IM 8500 Pressure Sealer is a convenient, compact, and dynamic pressure sealer that is perfect for medium to large-sized offices with heavy sealing requirements. This heavy-duty sealer combines advanced technology with a sleek and compact design, making it the perfect addition to any office space. With its lightning-fast sealing capabilities, intelligent automation features, and robust construction, the IM 8500 Pressure Sealer streamlines your workflow, saves you valuable time, and delivers flawless results every time.



Key Features


  • Efficient: The IM 8500 can process up to 7,000 forms per hour.
  • Large Capacity: The machine has a feeder capacity of up to 700 sheets in standalone mode.
  • Flexible: The IM 8500 offers a quick set manual fold setting for easy customization of fold types, including Z-fold, EZ-fold, C-fold, V-fold, and double parallel folds.
  • Accurate: The machine is equipped with automatic double feed detection, singulation, and correction capabilities to ensure error-free operations.
  • Heavy-Duty: The IM 8500 is built to handle heavy workloads and deliver consistent performance.
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