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    Kompac Phoenix 20/30 Roll-to-Roll Flood Coater

    Step into the world of high-quality coating with the Kompac Phoenix 20/30 Roll-to-Roll Flood Coater. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to offer a seamless coating experience, delivering exceptional results every time. The Phoenix 20/30 is a sheet-fed flood coating and priming system configured for in-line or near-line operations. Its revolutionary design makes it the most modular system available, utilizing the IOTech4 communications to add to your Industry 4.0 facility. Whether you're working with plastic, synthetic, or metalized substrates, the Phoenix 20/30 ensures a flawless finish.



    Key Features


    • Versatile Sheet Width: The Phoenix 20/30 can handle 20" & 30" sheet width by virtually unlimited length.
    • UV & IR Drying: The machine offers UV & IR drying and can be configured pre or post coating with up to 4 IR units.
    • Multiple Coating Systems: The Phoenix 20/30 supports multiple coating systems with up to 2 coating units per system anilox or standard.
    • Variable Length Conveying: The machine features variable length conveying pre or post curing for coating wet out or additional curing time.
    • High Speed: The Phoenix 20/30 is capable of speeds up to 250 feet (76m) per minute.
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