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    KeenCut SteelTrak

    The KeenCut SteelTrak is the perfect tool for cutting and finishing the toughest materials in a single action. With its unique pressure-sensitive clamp, sightline strip, and newly developed SteelTrak C2 composite cutting head, the SteelTrak is more accurate, consistent, and reliable than any other machine on the market. It gives you the flexibility to cut anything from PVC foamboard to steel composite panels, leaving a smooth edge with no need for extra finishing. Its unique features will speed up your production while guaranteeing a perfect cut every time. The SteelTrak is the essential tool for a high-volume production unit.



    Key Features


    • Perfect cut every time: The SteelTrak's unique pressure-sensitive clamp can be first applied lightly to allow for fine adjustments before the pressure is increased for a firm hold.
    • Cut steel and aluminium composite safely and accurately: The newly developed SteelTrak C2 composite cutting head will cut steel composite panel and aluminium composite panel in a single pass without creating dangerous sparks or dust.
    • Saves time and money: In a high production environment, repeatable accurate cutting reduces waste and increases productivity.
    • Cut and finish large sheet materials in one pass: For those who need to cut larger sheet materials, the ST250 is the perfect choice. It will cut and finish 2.4m x 1.2m (8" x 4") sheet materials in one pass.
    • Space saving and silent: The upright structure and wall mounting feature saves workshop space. There is no noise and no need for electric power.
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