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    KeenCut Sabre Series 2

    The KeenCut Sabre Series 2 is a versatile cutter designed for safety and accuracy. It is a genuine all-round cutter bar that can slice through 13mm (1/2?) thick foamboard or trim tissue paper gently. It is perfect for the print shop, workshop, studio, architects' practice, or educational institution. The Sabre Series 2 is simple to use, incredibly versatile, and purposely designed for your safety.



    Key Features


    • Versatile: The Sabre Series 2 will safely cut a wide range of materials, up to 13mm (1/2?) thick and 3m (120?) wide. It is a fully mobile cutting solution with no need for calibration when installed.
    • Secure and accurate: The Sabre Series 2 has guaranteed 1.0mm (0.04?) accuracy. Full-length silicone grip strips in the base and underside of the cutter bar hold your cutting media firmly in place.
    • Safety by design: The Sabre Series 2 is designed to provide maximum operator safety for all users in a wide range of environments such as commercial offices, industrial workshops or craft studios.
    • Simple to use: The Sabre Series 2 is simple to operate, requiring little training. The ergonomically designed cutting head allows single-handed cutting action and uses downward pressure to engage the blade.
    • Perfect for the educational environment: The level of safety and simplicity of use makes the Sabre Series 2 perfectly suited for use by inexperienced operators in educational environments.
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