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    KeenCut Keencut Benches

    The KeenCut Keencut Benches are the perfect solution for creating a level and stable platform for reliable and accurate cutting. Exceptionally strong and durable, these benches have been specially engineered to be the optimum surface for Keencut cutter bars. The benches are equipped with fittings to suit specific Keencut machines, including the SmartFold Bench, which accommodates the Evolution3 SmartFold, and the BenchTop Bench, which is designed to house the Evolution3 BenchTop. The M-Bench range is a modular system that can be configured to suit your work environment and extended if your requirements change. With Keencut benches, you can achieve precise and accurate cutting every time.



    Key Features


    • Strong, secure and stable: Keencut benches provide the strong and solid foundation required for precise, accurate cutting. The unique patented Proteus construction method creates a secure and rigid workbench that will not lose any stability over time.
    • Level surface adjustment: Adjustable feet deliver precise levelling on uneven floors and maintain the flatness required to obtain precise cutting accuracy.
    • Cantilever extension: Due to the integral strength of the Proteus construction, Keencut benches can be extended using a cantilever system to accommodate a 1.525m (5") standard width board as a worktop. The extension kit is included as standard with the SmartFold and BenchTop benches.
    • A versatile solution: Keencut benches offer a versatile solution that lets you create a bench to suit your particular requirements. When your business grows you can easily add other pieces.
    • Different worktops: Keencut benches will accommodate any style of worktop, including glass. Please note, worktops are not included.

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