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    Formax Square iT2 Squareback Booklet Finisher

    The Formax Square iT2 Squareback Booklet Finisher is a compact, user-friendly unit that combines two functions in a single pass: it squares the binding and trims the face edge. This gives your stapled booklets a professional, perfect-bound look with the security of a stapled binding. Squareback booklets lie flat, making them easier to pack, store and ship, with the added option of printing on the spine. The Square iT2 accommodates a wide range of booklet sizes and can process up to 50 folded and stapled sheets / 200 page booklets of 20# Bond. Its color touchscreen is easy to use and allows users to save custom job settings for quick recall and setup.



    Key Features


    • Professional Look: Creates square binding on stapled booklets for a perfect-bound look.
    • Easy-to-Use Control Panel: Allows operators to choose the amount of square fold pressure for ideal squareback finish based on booklet thickness.
    • Versatile: Can be used either as a hand-feed unit or in-line with a wide range of traditional and digital finishing devices.
    • Compact: Small footprint for easy integration into your workspace.
    • Quiet Operation: Simple and quiet operation for a pleasant work environment.
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