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Formax FD 6608 Series Inserters
  • Formax FD 6608 Series Inserters

Formax FD 6608 Series Inserters

The Formax FD 6608 Series Inserters are a modular and adaptable solution for your mailing needs. With 2 to 7 stations available, these inserters can accommodate a range of folding and inserting applications. The variety of input configurations, including a high-capacity document feeder for up to 725 sheets and 1 or 2 high-capacity production feeders, make it easy to find the perfect fit for your office or small mailroom.



Key Features


  • Flexible: The 6608 Series is available with 2 to 7 stations for flexibility and includes a variety of input configurations.
  • User-Friendly: The 10" color touchscreen control panel with graphics-based user interface makes it easy to use and program up to 50 jobs.
  • Efficient: The high-capacity vertical output stacker holds up to 500 finished envelopes, increasing productivity.
  • Powerful: The folding capacity folds up to 10 sheets (half fold) or up to 8 sheets (tri-fold) at one time.
  • Energy-Saving: The auto standby mode goes into effect after 1 hour of idle time, saving energy.
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