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    Formax FD 430 Envelope Sealer

    The Formax FD 430 Envelope Sealer closes and seals envelopes in a single pass. Simply place a stack of envelopes in the infeed tray, choose a processing speed with the adjustable control knob and in seconds, envelopes are sealed and ready for the mail. Users can seal envelopes up to 9.75" wide, up to 16 mm thick, at speeds up to 18,000 envelopes per hour. Standard features include an adjustable envelope separator to ensure accurate feeding, a large outfeed tray, heavy-duty metal construction and a precision moistening roller.



    Key Features


    • Speed: Seals up to 18,000 envelopes per hour.
    • Versatile: Can seal envelopes up to 9.75" wide and up to 16 mm thick.
    • Precision Moistening Roller: Ensures accurate and consistent moistening of envelope flaps.
    • Adjustable Envelope Separator: Ensures accurate feeding of envelopes.
    • Large Outfeed Tray: Holds sealed envelopes for easy removal.
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