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    Formax FD 386 Automatic Touchscreen Document Folder

    The Formax FD 386 Automatic Touchscreen Document Folder offers any business, church, school or print-for-pay center quick, easy set-up, and the versatility to complete a variety of fold jobs in minutes. Jobs are completed exceptionally fast with the FD 386, folding up to 17,000 pieces per hour.



    Key Features


    • High-Speed Output: With variable speed control, it can process up to 17,000 sheets per hour.
    • Touchscreen Control Panel: User-friendly and intuitive full-color touchscreen control panel for easy operation.
    • Programmable Jobs: The capacity to store up to 27 custom folds for efficient operation.
    • Telescoping Output Stacker: Patented telescoping conveyor system to hold folded pieces.
    • Safety: Various safety features including double document and jam detection.
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