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    Formax AutoSeal FD 2056 Tabletop Pressure Sealer

    The AutoSeal FD 2056 Tabletop Pressure Sealer is a fully automatic pressure sealer that provides the ultimate tabletop solution for processing pressure-sensitive one-piece mailers. Designed with ease of operation and efficiency in mind, the FD 2056 features a full-color touchscreen control panel and automatically detects and adjusts for 11", 14" and 17" forms. It offers 5 pre-programmed standard folds for even panel C, V, Z and uneven/eccentric C and Z folds. It also has the ability to store up to 35 custom fold settings with the simple touch of a button.



    Key Features


    • Speed: Processes up to 16,450 pieces per hour.
    • User-Friendly: Color touchscreen control panel is graphics-based for easy use.
    • Versatile: Processes forms up to 17" in length.
    • Automatically-Adjusting Fold Plates: Allow users to easily switch between fold types and paper sizes.
    • Three-Roller Drop-In Feed System: Ensures accurate feeding of forms.
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