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    Formax AutoSeal FD 1606

    The FD 1606 AutoSeal is the ultimate mid-volume pressure seal solution. With its automatic fold settings and full color touchscreen, the FD 1606 combines enhanced user flexibility, ease of operation, and affordability. It has never been easier to process one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers. The automatic fold plates allow users to easily switch between fold types and paper sizes while its full color touchscreen with internationally-recognized symbols guides users through setup and operation, making it easy for anyone to use.



    Key Features


    • Speed: Processes up to 100 pieces per minute.
    • User-Friendly: Color touchscreen control panel is graphics-based for easy use.
    • Versatile: Processes forms up to 14" in length.
    • Automatically-Adjusting Fold Plates: Allow users to easily switch between fold types and paper sizes.
    • Integrated Output Conveyor: Keeps processed forms in a neat, sequential order.
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