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    Formax AutoSeal FD 1202

    The FD 1202 AutoSeal® provides a user-friendly solution for processing of one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers. Combined with a laser printer and pressure seal forms, the FD 1202 creates secure, mail-ready pieces in minutes, without the need for envelopes. The clearly marked fold plates, simple ergonomic controls and drop-in feed system provide easy set-up and operation, right out of the box. These features, plus a compact desktop design, make the FD 1202 ideal for any office environment with low-volume applications.



    Key Features


    • Speed: Processes up to 38 pieces per minute.
    • User-Friendly: Clearly marked fold plates and simple ergonomic controls for easy set-up and operation.
    • Versatile: Processes forms up to 14" long.
    • Compact Design: Ideal for any office environment with low-volume applications.
    • Integrated Catch Tray: Neatly stacks processed forms for easy removal.
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