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    Formax Atlas C150 High-Speed Automatic Creaser

    The Formax Atlas C150 High-Speed Automatic Creaser offers outstanding features in a compact footprint. An intuitive touchscreen control panel and top vacuum pile feed system make it ready to take on high volume jobs with ease. The unique heavy-duty creasing matrix eliminates cracking in digital prints, ideal for on-demand jobs requiring a professional finished look.



    Key Features


    • High-Speed Output: With variable speed control, it can process up to 8,500 sheets per hour.
    • Touchscreen Control Panel: User-friendly and intuitive 7" color touchscreen control panel for easy operation.
    • Fully Automatic Setup: Simply enter the sheet length, weight, and fold type, and the Atlas C150 automatically calculates the crease locations and sets them accordingly.
    • Top Vacuum Infeed Table: The top-loading vacuum infeed adjusts automatically to handle media stacks up to 7.8" high.
    • Quick-Release Blade System: The Atlas C150 features quick-change creasing blades which are easy to swap in and out in just seconds, without using any tools.
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