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    Eastey TB-2 Top Belt & Bottom Belt Case Taper

    Experience the power of efficiency with the Eastey TB-2 Top Belt & Bottom Belt Case Taper. This professional case taper is designed to meet the demands of commercial printers and binders specializing in large run case sealing. With its top and bottom belts, you can reduce overall labor costs while ensuring consistently reliable production. The Eastey TB-2 Top Belt & Bottom Belt Case Taper is easy to use and can be prepared for each new job quickly and efficiently. Its unique and simple design has proven to be one of the most reliable case tapers on the market today, keeping production and maintenance efforts to a minimum and providing fast and efficient alternatives to hand taping.



    Key Features


    • Top & Bottom Belts: The Eastey TB-2 Top Belt & Bottom Belt Case Taper features top and bottom belts that are great for tall and narrow or over-filled cases.
    • Industrial Strength Operation: Dual drive motors and aggressive industrial strength top and bottom drive belts make Eastey TB-2 a workhorse that will stand up to your toughest challenges.
    • Wide Standard Case Range: The Eastey TB-2 Top Belt & Bottom Belt Case Taper offers fast and easy case changes with adjustable side rails and flexibility for boxes 5" in length and greater.
    • Ease of Use: Top and bottom tape heads are interchangeable and are designed for easy threading. Operators can learn to use Eastey's TB-2 case taping machine in minutes, avoiding breaks in production and downtime, saving your company money and increasing your ROI.
    • Durable Design: Each case taping machine is made from 12 gauge steel that will withstand even the most rugged applications. A powder coated exterior protects the machine from abusive conditions and guarantees years of use.
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