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    Eastey Semi-Automatic Strapper EXS-100

    Experience the power of semi-automation with the Eastey Semi-Automatic Strapper EXS-100. This machine is designed to apply a plastic strap around your packages, providing additional security during handling and transit. The EXS-100 is an ideal solution for low to medium volume users who need more than just case taping. With its open cabinet design and electronic tension control, the EXS-100 makes it easy to view, change, and adjust your poly strapping for a wide variety of packages. The heated strap-weld sealing system ensures a secure strap, giving you peace of mind that your packages will stay intact.



    Key Features


    • Open Cabinet Design: The open cabinet design allows for quick and easy viewing and changing of poly strapping.
    • Electronic Tension Control: This feature allows the user to adjust the proper tension for a wide variety of packages.
    • Heated Strap-Weld Sealing System: This system ensures a secure strap, providing additional security for your packages.
    • Four Locking Casters: These allow for easy transportation within the facility, making the machine versatile and mobile.
    • Adjustable Cooling Time: This feature allows for various weld seals, providing flexibility in securing different types of packages.
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