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    Eastey Accumulation Tables

    Imagine a world where your production line is always running smoothly, with no costly backups or slowdowns. That's the world Eastey Accumulation Tables can help you create. These tables are designed to temporarily stop, hold, and release bottles, cans, jars, or other containers after they are filled or cleaned. This efficient method balances production line rates, allowing production to continue while downstream product is halted. It also facilitates product removal for packing and prevents product damage that can occur when a production line is stopped. With Eastey Accumulation Tables, you can manage your production rates like never before.



    Key Features


    • Robust Construction: The tables are framed with industrial strength tubular steel to withstand even the most rugged applications.
    • Versatile Design: The stainless steel turntable, variable speed motor, and dual direction drive make these tables a workhorse that will stand up to your toughest challenges.
    • Easy Integration: The simple control panel with variable speed drive allows integration with nearly every packing line.
    • Flexible Operation: The dual direction drive allows the turntable to run clockwise or counter-clockwise as needed.
    • Adjustable Features: The tables come with adjustable leveling feet or optional casters and adjustable height (27" to 37"), making them suitable for various operational needs.
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