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    DRY-LAM 40" Element Deluxe Laminator

    Elevate your lamination game with the DRY-LAM 40" Element Deluxe Laminator. This American-made machine is designed to deliver high-quality lamination for a wide range of documents, ensuring that your important files are protected and preserved. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, the DRY-LAM 40" Element Deluxe Laminator is an ideal choice for both professional and home use.



    Key Features


    • Performance: The laminator can run up to 5 mil film on a 1" or 3" core at variable speeds up to 9 feet per minute.
    • Ease of Use: It features a digital LED display for easy operation and monitoring.
    • Safety: The machine has an auto shut-off feature after 2 hours of non-use, ensuring energy efficiency and safety.
    • Durability: It comes with a warranty of 1 year on parts and 90 days on labor, guaranteeing its reliability.
    • Versatility: The laminator has a 3/16" mounting capability, making it suitable for various lamination projects.
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