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    D&K Double Kote Digital - Lamination System

    Experience the power of precision with the D&K Double Kote Digital Lamination System. This high-performance machine is designed to streamline your production process. It's a comprehensive solution that offers professional card production without the great labor costs typically associated with card manufacturing. The Double Kote Digital Lamination System features two sets of heated nip rollers to produce flat cards at speeds up to four times faster than traditional platen press/hydraulic lamination. This lamination system is compatible with PVC, synthetic papers and other printed media up to 24 mil thick.



    Key Features


    • Pivoting Belt Table: The pivoting belt table on the automatic sheet feeder allows for easy access for film setup and changeovers.
    • Improved Inline Slitting System: The improved inline slitting system comes with a new scrap takeup mandrel.
    • Digital Touch Pad Control Panel: The digital touch pad control panel allows for precision adjustments and reduced scrap.
    • Operator Friendly: The machine is designed to be operator friendly and can run stock films from standard up to 5 mils thick.
    • In-Line Guillotine Cutter: The in-line guillotine style cutter is accurate to within +/- 1/16 of an inch.
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