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Challenge EH-3 Three-Spindle Drill
  • Challenge EH-3 Three-Spindle Drill

Challenge EH-3 Three-Spindle Drill

Are you in the market for a powerful and reliable three-spindle paper drill? Look no further than the Challenge EH-3 Three-Spindle Drill. This hydraulic machine is designed to handle all types of jobs and paper stocks, making it the ultimate drilling machine for your production needs. With the ability to drill up to 3 holes simultaneously, the EH-3 is not only efficient but also highly adjustable for a variety of multi-hole patterns. Built with rugged steel and cast iron construction, this machine is designed to provide years of trouble-free heavy-duty paper drilling. Whether you're handling small tasks or high-volume projects, the Challenge EH-3 is the reliable solution you need.



Key Features


  • Powerful Hydraulic Operation: The heavy-duty hydraulic action ensures efficient drilling and production operations.
  • Drilling Capacity: With a 2-1/2" drilling capacity, the EH-3 can handle a wide range of paper stocks.
  • Easy Head Adjustment: The EH-3 features easy head adjustment for a variety of multi-hole patterns.
  • Automatic Drill Head Return: The automatic return of the drilling heads minimizes contact between the drill bits and the drilling block, allowing for longer intervals between sharpening and longer bit life.
  • Adjustable Backgauge: The backgauge is adjustable for precise drilling operations.
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