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    Beseler TD-30 Series Tunnel

    Elevate your packaging process with the Beseler TD-30 Series Tunnel. This machine is engineered to perform and designed to endure, offering a combination of speed, efficiency, and reliability that is hard to match. With its Digital P.I.D. temperature control and automatic cool down circuit, it provides a robust and durable solution for your sealing needs. The no maintenance mesh belt and adjustable air dampers provide ease of use and flexibility, making your packaging process smooth and efficient. The high velocity blower ensures a uniform seal for your products, while the heat ducted to all 4 sides, top and bottom guarantees optimal performance.



    Key Features


    • Precise Control: Digital P.I.D. temperature control for accurate heat settings.
    • Efficient Cooling: Automatic cool down circuit to prolong the machine's lifespan.
    • Easy Maintenance: No maintenance mesh belt for hassle-free operation.
    • Flexible Operation: Adjustable air dampers for versatile use.
    • Uniform Sealing: High velocity blower with heat ducted to all 4 sides, top and bottom for consistent results.
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