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    Beseler TD-20 Series Tunnel

    Experience the power of precision with the Beseler TD-20 Series Tunnel, a high-performance machine designed to streamline your production process. This tunnel is not just a machine, it's a comprehensive solution that can be used as an off-line feeder to almost any machine. It has its own dual air system, sealed bearings, electronic pile height control, and DC drive speed control. With its large stock capacity, it is self-installable and easy to operate. It also rolls up to any Moll in-line folder/gluer machine and eliminates all friction feeder markings with the suction air system.



    Key Features


    • Digital P.I.D. Temperature Control: This feature allows for precise control over the temperature.
    • Automatic Cool Down Circuit: The automatic cool down circuit ensures smooth operation and longevity of the machine.
    • No Maintenance Mesh Belt: The no maintenance mesh belt ensures smooth operation and longevity of the machine.
    • Adjustable Air Dampers: The adjustable air dampers provide strong and secure sealing.
    • High Velocity Blower: The high velocity blower enhances productivity.
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