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    Beseler BU-3417 Bundler

    Transform your packaging process with the Beseler BU-3417 Bundler. This machine is designed to provide a seamless and efficient bundling experience. With its 34"x17" seal area and digitally controlled hot knife, it ensures a secure and precise seal for your products. The safety interlocked seal bar and heavy welded steel frame offer robustness and durability, ensuring that this machine will be a long-lasting addition to your production line. The heated, self-adjusting seal pad and stainless steel film clamp provide ease of use and flexibility, making your packaging process smooth and efficient.



    Key Features


    • Large Seal Area: 34"x17" seal area to accommodate various product sizes.
    • Precision Control: Digitally controlled hot knife for accurate sealing.
    • Safety Measures: Safety interlocked seal bar for secure operation.
    • Robust Construction: Heavy welded steel frame for durability.
    • Efficient Design: Heated, self-adjusting seal pad and stainless steel film clamp for hassle-free operation.
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