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    Becker VX Series Vacuum Pumps (Oil-Less/Dry, Rotary Vane)

    Experience the power of advanced vacuum technology with the Becker VX Series Vacuum Pumps. These oil-less, dry, rotary vane pumps are designed to operate on a continuous duty basis at any vacuum level from open flow to 27 inches Hg. The VX Series pumps utilize self-lubricating, graphite composite vanes, specifically engineered to last 20,000 hours. With no oil to change and only minimal maintenance required, these pumps offer 99.9%+ oil-free exhaust. They are the epitome of convenience and reliability.



    Key Features


    • 100% Dry Operation: The VX Series pumps operate completely dry, eliminating the need for oil.
    • Long Vane Life: The self-lubricating, graphite composite vanes are designed for longevity.
    • Continuous Duty Rated: These pumps are designed to operate on a continuous duty basis, ensuring reliable performance.
    • Compact Design: The VX Series pumps feature a compact design, making them suitable for various applications.
    • Variety of Motors Available: These pumps come with a variety of motors available, providing flexibility based on your needs.
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