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    Becker U Series Vacuum Pumps (Oil-Flooded, Rotary Vane)

    Experience the power of advanced vacuum technology with the Becker U Series Vacuum Pumps. These oil-flooded, rotary vane pumps are designed to operate on a continuous duty basis at any vacuum level from open flow to 0.075 Torr. The U Series pumps utilize self-lubricating, graphite composite vanes, specifically engineered for Becker pumps. With a two-step oil separation process that includes an oil/air separator element to increase the efficacy of oil separation, these pumps offer 99.9%+ oil-free exhaust. They are the epitome of convenience and reliability.



    Key Features


    • Efficient Motors: The U Series pumps come standard with the most efficient IE3 motors in the industry.
    • High Efficiency Oil Separator: These pumps feature a high-efficiency oil separator element.
    • Dual Stage Oil Separation: The oil tank comes with dual stage oil separation.
    • Gas Ballast Valves: Gas ballast valves are available for these pumps.
    • Deep Vacuum: The U Series is capable of providing vacuum to 0.075 Torr.
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