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    B&R Moll Pile PT System

    Introducing the B&R Moll Pile PT System, a state-of-the-art paper folder and gluer machine that is designed to revolutionize your printing and packaging process. This machine is not just a folder gluer, it's a comprehensive solution that can perform a variety of functions such as tab forming, folding, gluing, taping, and inserting. It's designed to handle a wide range of materials from cover stock paper to heavy board, making it versatile for various industries. With its quick setup and economical footprint, it's an investment that will enhance your productivity and efficiency.



    Key Features


    • Economical Footprint: The machine is designed with an economical footprint, making it an ideal choice for businesses with space constraints.
    • Pile Fed System: The pile fed system ensures smooth and efficient feeding of materials into the machine.
    • Quick Setup: The quick setup feature allows you to get the machine up and running in no time, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
    • Belt Drive: The belt drive ensures smooth operation and longevity of the machine.
    • Built-in Features: The machine comes with built-in features like a sheet spacer, batch counter, and DC controls for enhanced functionality and ease of use.



      Coming soon.
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