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    B&R Moll Crease-N-Fold

    Looking for a machine that can deliver die press quality scoring, perforating, and folding in one fast operation? Look no further than the B&R Moll Crease-N-Fold. This machine is designed to produce high-quality results that are comparable to a die press score. It's a mobile unit that can adjust to most makes, models, or sizes of folding machines. Whether you're working with parallel or 8-page sections, before or after the fold, the Crease-N-Fold has got you covered.



    Key Features


    • Dual Shaft System: The Crease-N-Fold features a dual shaft system that allows you to hit the same crease twice. This means you can hit the crease in the first shaft and then harder in the second shaft to gradually crease digitally printed stocks.
    • Dual Register: This feature ensures that the sheet stays in the side guide on long narrow sheets.
    • Compatibility: The Crease-N-Fold can run in line with Moll machines or any brand of paper folders.
    • Wide Format: The machine supports a wide format of 30" or 36".
    • High Speed: With a maximum linear speed of 425ft/min, the Crease-N-Fold ensures fast and efficient operation.



      Coming soon.
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