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    Akiles OffiWire

    The Akiles OffiWire is a practical and affordable wire binding machine that is perfect for small binding projects. With its hardened steel dies and "U" shape handle, the OffiWire guarantees durability and reliability while providing a clean and precise punch every time. The Akiles OffiWire is the ideal partner for your important wire binding jobs.



    Key Features


    • Effective: The Akiles OffiWire can punch up to 10 sheets of 20lbs bond paper at a time.
    • Hardened Steel Dies: The hardened steel dies provide a clean and precise punch every time, even when perforating delicate or hard to punch materials such as PVC, PP, Polyester, etc.
    • "U" Shape Handle: The "U" shape handle maximizes punching strength for an effortless perforation.
    • Strong: The metal chassis and high-quality components guarantee durability and reliability.
    • Side Margin Guide: The side margin guide helps to evenly center the document for a professional finish.



      Coming soon.
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