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    Akiles FlexiCloser 2

    The Akiles FlexiCloser 2 is an advanced automatic wire closer that is designed to make wire closing fast, easy, and efficient. With its Smart Detect System, LCD Control Panel, and Built-in Safety Sensor, this machine can handle a wide range of wire sizes, making it the perfect partner for all your wire binding needs. The Akiles FlexiCloser 2 is a must-have for any binding center with large workloads.



    Key Features


    • Smart Detect System: The Akiles FlexiCloser 2 has a Smart Detect System that automatically detects and closes different wire sizes.
    • LCD Control Panel: The LCD Control Panel provides complete control over the wire closing process.
    • Built-in Safety Sensor: The built-in safety sensor ensures safe operation by stopping the motor when the safety cover is open.
    • Adjustable Closing Pressure: The adjustable closing pressure can handle a wide range of wire sizes, making it versatile and efficient.
    • Magnetic Backstop: The magnetic backstop helps to hold the document in place for a professional finish.



      Coming soon.
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