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    Akiles CoilMac-M Series

    The Akiles CoilMac-M Series is a manual coil punch with an EZ Inserting TableTM that renders efficiency and productivity. Its high-quality components and full range of functions make it the most complete and durable equipment in its class, and one of the easiest to operate. The Akiles CoilMac-M is undoubtedly the ideal partner for your important coil binding jobs.



    Key Features


    • Available in Two Versions: The Akiles CoilMac-M Series is available in two versions: the STANDARD version and the PLUS version.
    • Round or Oval Holes: The STANDARD version features standard 4mm round holes, while the PLUS version features special 4 x 5mm oval holes, which make coil insertion much faster as compared to standard round holes.
    • Disengageable Pins: The STANDARD version has 5 specially designed disengageable positions that guarantee a clean punch with most standard paper sizes, while the PLUS version has all 54 pins that can be independently pulled and disengaged for a completely clean and professional punching of any paper size.
    • Pitch: The STANDARD version has a standard 4:1 pitch (0.250"), while the PLUS version has a LETTER 4:1 pitch (0.248") specifically designed to give you 44 evenly-centered holes in an 11" sheet, which provides the most ideal hole to edge-of-sheet margins and easier coil insertion.
    • Operation: Both versions have manual punching and inserting operations, with the EZ Inserting TableTM making coil insertion easy and convenient.



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