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    Akiles CoilMac-EPI Series

    The Akiles CoilMac-EPI Series is the perfect partner for commercial volume workloads. With its heavy-duty punch motor, built-in electric coil inserter, and complete system of functions, the Akiles CoilMac-EPI Series makes coil binding fast, easy, convenient, and professional. Available in two versions with either round or oval holes, this machine is perfect for all your coil binding needs.



    Key Features


    • Electric Punch: The heavy-duty punch motor makes punching holes in your documents fast and easy.
    • Electric Coil Inserter: The built-in electric coil inserter makes inserting coils into your documents a breeze.
    • Round or Oval Holes: The Akiles CoilMac-EPI Series is available in two versions with either round or oval holes, providing a professional and seamless look to your bound documents.
    • Disengageable Pins: The Akiles CoilMac-EPI Series features disengageable pins for a clean and complete punching with different paper sizes.
    • Punching Margin Control: The Akiles CoilMac-EPI Series provides the correct punch margin depth for each coil size.



      Coming soon.
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