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    US Paper Counters Shooter IID - Tab Inserter

    Experience the power of precision with the US Paper Counters Shooter IID - Tab Inserter. This high-performance machine is designed to streamline your production process. It's a comprehensive solution that offers professional counting and batch tabbing for high volume applications. The Shooter IID is designed to provide fast, accurate tab insertions at high speeds. It can be mounted to your equipment or be free standing for mobility. The Shooter IID accurately inserts paper tabs into the receding delivery pile of sheeters, presses, paper board machines and paper converting equipment.



    Key Features


    • Touch Screen Interface: The machine features a touch screen interface for easy operation.
    • Total and Batch Counts: It provides total and batch counts for efficient tracking.
    • Mounts to Your Equipment: The machine can be mounted to your equipment for seamless integration.
    • Free Standing: It can also be used free standing for mobility and flexibility.
    • Variable Knife Cut Delay: This feature allows for precision adjustments and reduced scrap.
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