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    Stago PR-43S Automatic Paper Jogger

    Transform your paper handling process with the Stago PR-43S Automatic Paper Jogger. This machine is designed to ensure precision in all your paper processing steps. It comes with perfectly coordinated cushioning elements and an infinitely adjustable vibrating power. With a variable stopper, it can handle different sized stacks of paper up to DIN A2. The Stago PR-43S is a robust paper jogger that is essential for any office or print shop.



    Key Features


    • High Capacity: The machine can handle stacking heights of up to 800 sheets (80g).
    • Versatile Paper Sizes: It can accommodate different sized stacks of paper up to DIN A2.
    • Adjustable Vibrating Power: The vibrating power is infinitely adjustable, ensuring optimal jogging of your paper stack.
    • Robust Construction: The machine is robust and designed for long-term use.
    • Ergonomic Design: It comes with an ergonomic height-adjustable stand version for comfortable operation.
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