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Plockmatic Morgana FB575
  • Plockmatic Morgana FB575
  • Plockmatic Morgana FB575

Plockmatic Morgana FB575

The Morgana FB575 Digital Cutting System is an affordable SRA3 cutting and creasing table that is perfect for small commercial printers, graphic design, media and marketing companies. It is also a solution for in-plants seeking to cut and crease on SRA3 or up to 350 x 488mm sheets for on-demand applications, produce one-offs or boxes for prototypes, packaging, greetings cards – also suitable for kiss-cut label sheets.



Key Features


  • Dual Tool Head: The Morgana FB575 Digital Cutting System's dual tool head includes an adjustable cutting tool which accepts a range of blades for different media types.
  • Vacuum Bed: The flatbed cutter holds sheets in position using a vacuum bed.
  • Cutting and Creasing: In addition to cutting, creasing is delivered with the included double-ended creasing tool.
  • Perforation: The ColorCut software also enables the system to perforate too.
  • Job Sensing: An IR optical sensor ensures accurate registration using 6th generation ARMS technology. Job Bar-coding for cut file recognition, retrieval from job library and registration ensures that the right cutting path artwork is used for the individual printed sheet.
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