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Plockmatic Morgana FB1175
  • Plockmatic Morgana FB1175
  • Plockmatic Morgana FB1175

Plockmatic Morgana FB1175

The Morgana FB1175 is a beautifully engineered, totally accurate and highly affordable flatbed cutting table designed in the UK. It is perfect for light to medium run production of two and three dimensional items, offering a range of machines to suit the cutting and creasing of virtually any form of print, from cardboard packaging for high-end products and protective cartons – to synthetic point-of-sale items and kiss-cut adhesive labels. The ability to digitally produce single items on demand also makes the ColorCut perfect for prototyping. No matter whether you produce 2D point-of-sale and labels or 3D packaging and displays – ColorCut flatbed cutting tables will perform effortlessly, and on demand.



Key Features


  • Deliver on Demand: Cuts a typical SRA3 sheet in just 30 – 60 seconds. This enables users to easily and affordably produce anything from as little as one or as many as 1,000 sheets per day.
  • Vacuum Hold Down Table: Sheets are held securely in place on either a green self-healing or superior grey felt cutting mat, by a vacuum produced by a powerful centrifugal air pump.
  • Job Sensing: Perfect registration of the printed sheets to the desired cut line is guaranteed by the presence of an optical sensor or CCD camera, which reads page marks and barcode/QR code, and enables the dual tool head to follow the path of drawn vector lines.
  • Batch Productivity: Multiple sheets can be placed on the cutting mat and with the control settings designated to "batch productivity", ColorCut will proceed to work on each sheet in turn – thus speeding productivity even further!
  • Digital Die Cutting: Using advanced digital contour cutting technology, the flatbed tools follow artwork cut and crease lines drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW® – no need to purchase and wait for traditional dies to be made.
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