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    LAMI Revo-T14 Automatic Laminator

    Discover the efficiency of the LAMI Revo-T14 Automatic Laminator. This high-performance model is designed to handle all your laminating needs with ease. With its automatic feeding, laminating, and cutting capabilities, it offers high speed and convenience at the touch of a button. Whether you're creating long encapsulated banners or custom materials, the Revo-T14 ensures a seamless and high-quality finish every time.



    Key Features


    • High-Speed Operation: The Revo-T14 can laminate up to 420 sheets of A4 size within just 14 minutes.
    • Fully Automatic: This laminator offers automatic feeding, laminating, and cutting with just a push of the start button.
    • Wide Laminating Width: It can accommodate up to 12" laminating width using various film thicknesses.
    • Six Roller System: The six roller system (2 steel) allows for consistent quality with thin and thick paper stocks.
    • Easy Inside Cleaning: The unique "Cover-Open Function" allows for easy cleaning of the inside of the machine.
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