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    KeenCut Evolution3 FreeHand

    The KeenCut Evolution3 FreeHand is the perfect tool for those who require the high precision accuracy and superior cutting quality of the Evolution3 range but in a more flexible format. It is perfect for a workshop where the cutter bar is required to move between workbenches. The Evolution3 FreeHand gives you all the benefits of the QuikSwap cutting tools, sightline strip accuracy, and anti-sag design in a portable cutter. With its guaranteed accuracy, total stability, and heavy-duty reliability, the Evolution3 FreeHand is a leap forward in cutting technology.



    Key Features


    • Guaranteed accuracy: The Evolution3 FreeHand is the most accurate cutter of its type on the market and is guaranteed to cut within 0.2mm (0.008?) of a straight line for the length of the cut.
    • Total stability: The self-adjusting track roller system fitted to the QuikSwap tool heads provides a strong and smooth movement up and down the length of the cutter bar, with zero sideways movement to ensure a perfect straight line.
    • Simple to use: The ease of use makes it possible for even first-time users to cut confidently and accurately with the Evolution3 FreeHand.
    • Heavy duty reliability: The entire Evolution3 range has been built to last using high quality materials and well tested engineering principles.
    • QuikSwap tool heads: The Evolution3 QuikSwap tool heads give users the ultimate flexibility. Each tool is designed for a specific purpose and can be attached or detached from the cutter in seconds.
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