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    Formax FlashCard XL Business Card Cutter

    The Formax FlashCard XL Business Card Cutter is a large format, high-quality solution for short-run production of full-bleed business cards, postcards, photos, and more. Its rugged and intuitive design allows users to cut cards on demand at up to 230 business cards per minute.



    Key Features


    • Precision Cutting: Self-sharpening blades for precise cuts every time.
    • Touchscreen Control Panel: User-friendly and intuitive LCD display for easy operation.
    • Programmable Jobs: The capacity to program up to 6 pre-set jobs and 10 custom cuts for efficient operation.
    • Automatic Friction Feeding: The ability to cut coated and uncoated paper, laminated sheets, and card stock.
    • Safety: Various safety features including an infrared light beam safety curtain that shuts down operation if the light plane is interrupted.
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