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    Formax Cut-True 29A Automatic Electric Guillotine Cutter

    The Formax Cut-True 29A Automatic Electric Guillotine Cutter is the perfect addition to any print shop or office. With its precision cutting capabilities and durable construction, this cutter is designed to handle all of your paper cutting needs. Whether you're trimming flyers, business cards, or brochures, the Cut-True 29A makes it easy to achieve professional results every time.



    Key Features


    • Precision Cutting: Hardened steel blade for precise cuts every time.
    • Touchscreen Control Panel: User-friendly and intuitive touchscreen control panel for easy operation.
    • Programmable Jobs: The capacity to program up to 100 jobs/100 cuts for efficient operation.
    • Back Gauge Adjustment: Automatically-adjusting back gauge for precise measurements.
    • Safety: Various safety features including an infrared light beam safety curtain that shuts down operation if the light plane is interrupted.
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